Stories for kids

wpdbpI started writing for my kids initially. My first story was a fun little piece that I wrote along with my Daughter. She was all of 5 years old, and we played the “what happens next” game. The end result was a story called, “The Wizard, The Princess, The Dragon, and The Burp Beer”

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Tim CoverThis, of course, created a whole world of jealousy from our second daughter. So one evening we sat down to create her very own story. “Tim, the Toothpaste Troll” was born.



I had big plans for Tim. I contacted my dad, who was a well known children comic book illustrator back in the 70’s and 80’s to help me develop the illustrations. Sadly, dad became quite sick and passed away before we had the chance to finish them.

However, his effort shall not be in vein, because I will pick up where he left off and finish the illustration one day.